Enkindled Blood

The Joy of Painting

Look at all the happy little...oh Goddess below... the children?

The remainder of the bandits are finished off. The children are gathered up and the group heads back to the mine entrance. They hear a far off sound of collapse and Anemos is sent to investigate. He finds the elevator collapsed with no way out. Returning to the group the head off deeper into the caves to try and find a way out. It seems the walls are going on forever and there is no end to them.

Suddenly they hear a voice speaking out of the darkness. “Give me the children and I will let you go free.” After a conversation with the voice it is determined that a member of the gang was a Painter (a very skilled illusionist). Evan and Mal know of these type of people.

The group formulates a plan. They will link arms and Mal and Evan in the front the six children (one who may in fact be the painter) with Shil and Anemos in the back since Anemos can see in the dark.

They walk along the passageways until they come to a ledge. Anemos tells them all to stay put, while he is looking at the edge of the cliff he is pushed off by the Painter. Meanwhile the rest of the group finds that they are suddenly standing in a forest that stretches for miles in every direction. Evan trying to see through the illusion gets caught up and can’t move. The kids start to wail and become upset. Shil begins using his spectral sight to try and see past the illusion. Mal is attacked by a tree and begins to fight back.

Anemos begins the climb back up to the ledge after falling but recovering fairly quickly. The painter taunts the others in the group, Mal attacks his tree and it turns into a dead child. Thinking it is more illusion to mess with his mind he continues attacking, Shil is able to break through with to the spiritual side and sees nothing but glowing red runes running down the corridor but he is free of the illusion. Evan is concentrating on the illusion that he knows it not there so hard he doesn’t notice anything else.

Anemos reaches the top and sees Shil coming out of the illusion, Evan caught up in it and Mal standing over the body of a dead child, not truly understanding what he has done. The painter disgused as a child is sneaking up on Shil to attack him since he has seen through the illusion. They begin to fight and Anemos sneaks up on the painter.

The painter takes enough damage that his concentration wavers, Evan and Mal can now see what has happened. Mal freezes in shock and horror at the children he has killed and cannot move to aid his friends. Anemos and Shil are starting to get desperate and Shil casts a spell and loses control of it. It hits everyone but kills two more children and knocks out Evan and Shil collapses from the exertion of the spell. Anemos is able to finish knocking out the painter, who transforms into a full grown man, as he may be the only one who truly knows what is going on. The quartet regoups and tries to comfort themselves with the knowledge that the painter just used them to kill the kids but it is little comfort.

Shil in his grief tries to speak to the kids spirist and see them being wisked away down the corridor following the red runes in the wall. Not thinking clearly and wanting to make amends Mal and Shil head off quickly down the corridor.


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