Enkindled Blood

Our Past seems to follows us


Our four adventurers (Anemos, Mal, Sihl and Evan) are hanging out in town when they hear a commotion being raised. A lone surviving member of a group of traveling merchants is yelling and screaming that the local Nicoweth have gone mad and are attacking the merchant caravans. He survived but only by playing dead. When he see Anemos he gets all riled up and starts accusing him and his people. Anemos doesn’t take kindly to this and knocks the guy out. The constable shows up and seeing what is going on but not wanting to get into a fight he cannot win by himself backs off and goes for more men. The four head off with the unconscious merchant out of town to wake him up for more information.

They are able to find the site of the attack with the merchants help. Upon seeing that it looks like his people were framed Anemos heads off to warn them. Evan investigates the scene and is able to determine which way that the bandits went and Evan, Sihl, and Mal all head off in that direction. They do pay off the merchant to keep quiet a little longer in the hopes of putting the accusations against the Nicoweth to rest.

Anemos is able to arrive back at his peoples camp. However due to lack of leadership and a rising problem with they directionless youth of the tribe, Sidon, the head warrior and his advisors decide against immediate action in favor of waiting.

Mal, Sihl, and Evan discover a point in the path where the bandits have split up. It also becomes very apparent that they are taking the surviving children for slaves. The group with the children have gone north and a smaller group has gone south back toward Redgate. Mal and Evan insist upon going after the group with kids. After tracking them to a mine Anemos is able to catch up with them. The cave is empty but the voices of the bandits and children can still be heard. An elevator stands empty and at the top of the mine.

The four descend down after formulating a plan. Sihl with send spectral beings towards the slavers and Mal will lower the temperature in the hopes of unnerving the slavers. Anemos will be in his altered form and Evan will disguise himself as a member of the walking dead. the four burst out of the elevator and are able to take down seven of the men very quickly. Those with the children escape deeper into the mine. The torches have been put out and it is dark and the four are ambushed by a lone slaver. Due to their lack of sleep and the darkness they are surprised and tripped up and the slaver escapes and loops back in part of the mine. As the group approaches the remaining slavers they come to a stalemate. They have the children as hostages and will use them a shields in order to escape.

Evan threatens them with the wrath of his father. The slavers knowing the Blackstone reputation decide that they children will not work as hostages and instead decide to attack…


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