Enkindled Blood

New Time, New Place, New Characters

Same Bat world

Four friends Rafe, Cal, Morgan and Baka have all settled in the local city Westhame in the Southern Bannerlands. They come from some very different back grounds but all share a common goal. Keep the bannergods from finding out their secret. They all possess godlike powers but do not want to belong to the bannergods at this time.

Their help is requested by their friend Mavros a local inn and bar owner of the Wand and
Dagger. He has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and needs their help. It appears that he made a deal with a member of the fae. In return for some information Mavros is required to give the fae his body for one week. The only problem he can’t have it back since he will be dead.

The four face off against the collector. A 7ft tall beast man with razor sharp claws and a silver scythe that he used to reap the souls of those he is collecting. The four are victorious and are able to save Mavros and receive free drinks for life in return. They also notice that Mavros is a man with secrets of his own he is not yet ready to share.

After heading back to town and resting they wake up the next morning and there are rumors all over the city that the Worm of the West is headed their way. They say that his heralds are beautiful women that kill with too much kindness.

Rafe and Morgan come upon a group of missing guards that are now dead with looks of bliss on their faces. They immediately report their finding to the local captain who then conscripts every able bodied man to help with the preparation and defense of the city. Rafe has to head back to prepare his lands for the possible coming invasion. Baka, Cal and Morgan all decide to scout out for more of the signs of the Worm of the West.

Approximately an hour outside of the city they find a group of pilgrims who are running from flying women. The heroes are able to set up an ambush. When the pilgrims are past the heralds seem to notice Baka and Cal. Morgan has a duplicate standing in the road to distract them. Cal is able to jump and grapple in the air with one of the women. Baka quickly in a blur of motion of ash and smoke strikes at the women and they fall one by one so quickly almost no one knows what happened. Morgan helps one of the pilgrims up. They have all noticed the burning figure of Baka at this point and ask if he is a demon. Baka responds no and just looks at them. The pilgrims seem to think Morgan is with him but he is able to persuade them that he was a lone scout and is thankful that they were all saved.

They all report back to the local captain with their findings. Baka and Cal snuck back quickly before the pilgrims arrived in the city. The story of the women is told. The three pick up Rafe on their way back out to head to Riverside where the pilgrims are from. On the way there Cal sees a figure disappearing into the side of the road. Upon investigating he is attacked by a very well coordinated group of men who seem to have god like powers as well. Are these the avowed?


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