Enkindled Blood

Death lives down here

Shil and Mal rush after the disappearing spirits. Evan and Anemos pick up the painter and the last remaining child. The child is quite but Evan can tell that he comes from the streets and not a family, like he was led to believe by the merchant. The child is quite and still seems to be in shock. Anemos gives the painter one more good wack on the head to make sure he stays “asleep”.

Shil follows the sprits to a chamber that opens up so large that he can’t see the top or bottom . The spirits rush to the middle of the room and a blinding light that is unearthly seems to drink the spirits in. One child before being consumed is tries to him something. The only thing Shil hears is Christophe. The runes in the room are glowing brighter and pules as each child disappears. Shil’s spiritual senses are blinded. He asks Mal if he saw anything, Mal is confused and has no idea what he is talking about.

Anemos and Evan catch up to them. Anemos is instantly overcome with an over powering smell of death and decay. As he looks into the room he sees that it is a perfect sphere with multiple passageways leading to the room. The floor is covered with hundres of thousands of bones and in the middle raised up is a banesteel bowl large enough to hold half a dozen bodies at a time.

Shil decides he is going to go down there to find out more about this after throwing his torch into the room. Anemos refuses to help the place reeks of death and evil to him. Anything to eats the souls of children is to be avoided at all costs. He doesn’t want to be corrupted by it presence. Shil and he argue over it but Anemos will not help. Mal and Evan lower Shil down he is able to crawl across the crumbling bones and make it to the bowl. There are runes similar to the Redgate and pictographs that show this was a place of sacrifice by the deepones. Their enemies were brought here killed and then consumed by this altar.

The are able to make there way out of the caves and back to town and they come upon a standoff between the towns people and the restless members of Anemos’s tribe.


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