Enkindled Blood

Ectar's Diary: Does Anyone Here Have a Food Handler's Permit?
Location: Gatus

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I met a fine chap named Graff in the hotel bar, played several hands of Three Dragon Ante, and discussed each other’s magnificent fashion sense. There were some other, rather rude individuals there as well, who weren’t interested in playing cards and clearly hadn’t had a change of clothes in the last decade. Oh, and the bar wench was quite saucy.

Anyway, I was just taking my leave when the poor cook gave a terrified scream from the kitchen. Calling for Kern to bring my shield, I leapt bravely into the fray, as my solemn oath commands, and discovered the most unusual sight – a pint-sized plague of locusts menacing the cook and barkeep. Relying on my swift reflexes, and I skewered, slashed, and stomped away, drawing the foul creatures’ attention away from the others.

After that, everything is a bit of blur, but I remember throwing axes at the locusts, so I’m sure I lost a fair amount of blood.

Aigne has just explained that I missed a bit of excitement last night, but I was busy writing this entry, so I’m not completely sure what she’s going on about. Apparently the locusts were some kind of artifice, and we all got drugged by the Fishers. Given my injuries, she suggests I thank them for giving me some much needed rest. I think she just said something about living plants though, which sounds a bit elvish, and that warrants my attention.

Until next time.

New Time, New Place, New Characters
Same Bat world

Four friends Rafe, Cal, Morgan and Baka have all settled in the local city Westhame in the Southern Bannerlands. They come from some very different back grounds but all share a common goal. Keep the bannergods from finding out their secret. They all possess godlike powers but do not want to belong to the bannergods at this time.

Their help is requested by their friend Mavros a local inn and bar owner of the Wand and
Dagger. He has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and needs their help. It appears that he made a deal with a member of the fae. In return for some information Mavros is required to give the fae his body for one week. The only problem he can’t have it back since he will be dead.

The four face off against the collector. A 7ft tall beast man with razor sharp claws and a silver scythe that he used to reap the souls of those he is collecting. The four are victorious and are able to save Mavros and receive free drinks for life in return. They also notice that Mavros is a man with secrets of his own he is not yet ready to share.

After heading back to town and resting they wake up the next morning and there are rumors all over the city that the Worm of the West is headed their way. They say that his heralds are beautiful women that kill with too much kindness.

Rafe and Morgan come upon a group of missing guards that are now dead with looks of bliss on their faces. They immediately report their finding to the local captain who then conscripts every able bodied man to help with the preparation and defense of the city. Rafe has to head back to prepare his lands for the possible coming invasion. Baka, Cal and Morgan all decide to scout out for more of the signs of the Worm of the West.

Approximately an hour outside of the city they find a group of pilgrims who are running from flying women. The heroes are able to set up an ambush. When the pilgrims are past the heralds seem to notice Baka and Cal. Morgan has a duplicate standing in the road to distract them. Cal is able to jump and grapple in the air with one of the women. Baka quickly in a blur of motion of ash and smoke strikes at the women and they fall one by one so quickly almost no one knows what happened. Morgan helps one of the pilgrims up. They have all noticed the burning figure of Baka at this point and ask if he is a demon. Baka responds no and just looks at them. The pilgrims seem to think Morgan is with him but he is able to persuade them that he was a lone scout and is thankful that they were all saved.

They all report back to the local captain with their findings. Baka and Cal snuck back quickly before the pilgrims arrived in the city. The story of the women is told. The three pick up Rafe on their way back out to head to Riverside where the pilgrims are from. On the way there Cal sees a figure disappearing into the side of the road. Upon investigating he is attacked by a very well coordinated group of men who seem to have god like powers as well. Are these the avowed?

Death lives down here

Shil and Mal rush after the disappearing spirits. Evan and Anemos pick up the painter and the last remaining child. The child is quite but Evan can tell that he comes from the streets and not a family, like he was led to believe by the merchant. The child is quite and still seems to be in shock. Anemos gives the painter one more good wack on the head to make sure he stays “asleep”.

Shil follows the sprits to a chamber that opens up so large that he can’t see the top or bottom . The spirits rush to the middle of the room and a blinding light that is unearthly seems to drink the spirits in. One child before being consumed is tries to him something. The only thing Shil hears is Christophe. The runes in the room are glowing brighter and pules as each child disappears. Shil’s spiritual senses are blinded. He asks Mal if he saw anything, Mal is confused and has no idea what he is talking about.

Anemos and Evan catch up to them. Anemos is instantly overcome with an over powering smell of death and decay. As he looks into the room he sees that it is a perfect sphere with multiple passageways leading to the room. The floor is covered with hundres of thousands of bones and in the middle raised up is a banesteel bowl large enough to hold half a dozen bodies at a time.

Shil decides he is going to go down there to find out more about this after throwing his torch into the room. Anemos refuses to help the place reeks of death and evil to him. Anything to eats the souls of children is to be avoided at all costs. He doesn’t want to be corrupted by it presence. Shil and he argue over it but Anemos will not help. Mal and Evan lower Shil down he is able to crawl across the crumbling bones and make it to the bowl. There are runes similar to the Redgate and pictographs that show this was a place of sacrifice by the deepones. Their enemies were brought here killed and then consumed by this altar.

The are able to make there way out of the caves and back to town and they come upon a standoff between the towns people and the restless members of Anemos’s tribe.

The Joy of Painting
Look at all the happy little...oh Goddess below... the children?

The remainder of the bandits are finished off. The children are gathered up and the group heads back to the mine entrance. They hear a far off sound of collapse and Anemos is sent to investigate. He finds the elevator collapsed with no way out. Returning to the group the head off deeper into the caves to try and find a way out. It seems the walls are going on forever and there is no end to them.

Suddenly they hear a voice speaking out of the darkness. “Give me the children and I will let you go free.” After a conversation with the voice it is determined that a member of the gang was a Painter (a very skilled illusionist). Evan and Mal know of these type of people.

The group formulates a plan. They will link arms and Mal and Evan in the front the six children (one who may in fact be the painter) with Shil and Anemos in the back since Anemos can see in the dark.

They walk along the passageways until they come to a ledge. Anemos tells them all to stay put, while he is looking at the edge of the cliff he is pushed off by the Painter. Meanwhile the rest of the group finds that they are suddenly standing in a forest that stretches for miles in every direction. Evan trying to see through the illusion gets caught up and can’t move. The kids start to wail and become upset. Shil begins using his spectral sight to try and see past the illusion. Mal is attacked by a tree and begins to fight back.

Anemos begins the climb back up to the ledge after falling but recovering fairly quickly. The painter taunts the others in the group, Mal attacks his tree and it turns into a dead child. Thinking it is more illusion to mess with his mind he continues attacking, Shil is able to break through with to the spiritual side and sees nothing but glowing red runes running down the corridor but he is free of the illusion. Evan is concentrating on the illusion that he knows it not there so hard he doesn’t notice anything else.

Anemos reaches the top and sees Shil coming out of the illusion, Evan caught up in it and Mal standing over the body of a dead child, not truly understanding what he has done. The painter disgused as a child is sneaking up on Shil to attack him since he has seen through the illusion. They begin to fight and Anemos sneaks up on the painter.

The painter takes enough damage that his concentration wavers, Evan and Mal can now see what has happened. Mal freezes in shock and horror at the children he has killed and cannot move to aid his friends. Anemos and Shil are starting to get desperate and Shil casts a spell and loses control of it. It hits everyone but kills two more children and knocks out Evan and Shil collapses from the exertion of the spell. Anemos is able to finish knocking out the painter, who transforms into a full grown man, as he may be the only one who truly knows what is going on. The quartet regoups and tries to comfort themselves with the knowledge that the painter just used them to kill the kids but it is little comfort.

Shil in his grief tries to speak to the kids spirist and see them being wisked away down the corridor following the red runes in the wall. Not thinking clearly and wanting to make amends Mal and Shil head off quickly down the corridor.

Our Past seems to follows us

Our four adventurers (Anemos, Mal, Sihl and Evan) are hanging out in town when they hear a commotion being raised. A lone surviving member of a group of traveling merchants is yelling and screaming that the local Nicoweth have gone mad and are attacking the merchant caravans. He survived but only by playing dead. When he see Anemos he gets all riled up and starts accusing him and his people. Anemos doesn’t take kindly to this and knocks the guy out. The constable shows up and seeing what is going on but not wanting to get into a fight he cannot win by himself backs off and goes for more men. The four head off with the unconscious merchant out of town to wake him up for more information.

They are able to find the site of the attack with the merchants help. Upon seeing that it looks like his people were framed Anemos heads off to warn them. Evan investigates the scene and is able to determine which way that the bandits went and Evan, Sihl, and Mal all head off in that direction. They do pay off the merchant to keep quiet a little longer in the hopes of putting the accusations against the Nicoweth to rest.

Anemos is able to arrive back at his peoples camp. However due to lack of leadership and a rising problem with they directionless youth of the tribe, Sidon, the head warrior and his advisors decide against immediate action in favor of waiting.

Mal, Sihl, and Evan discover a point in the path where the bandits have split up. It also becomes very apparent that they are taking the surviving children for slaves. The group with the children have gone north and a smaller group has gone south back toward Redgate. Mal and Evan insist upon going after the group with kids. After tracking them to a mine Anemos is able to catch up with them. The cave is empty but the voices of the bandits and children can still be heard. An elevator stands empty and at the top of the mine.

The four descend down after formulating a plan. Sihl with send spectral beings towards the slavers and Mal will lower the temperature in the hopes of unnerving the slavers. Anemos will be in his altered form and Evan will disguise himself as a member of the walking dead. the four burst out of the elevator and are able to take down seven of the men very quickly. Those with the children escape deeper into the mine. The torches have been put out and it is dark and the four are ambushed by a lone slaver. Due to their lack of sleep and the darkness they are surprised and tripped up and the slaver escapes and loops back in part of the mine. As the group approaches the remaining slavers they come to a stalemate. They have the children as hostages and will use them a shields in order to escape.

Evan threatens them with the wrath of his father. The slavers knowing the Blackstone reputation decide that they children will not work as hostages and instead decide to attack…

Where will this go?

Four friend have know each other their entire lives. Their world has consisted of the villiage of Redgate. It is a small place that sits on the outskirts of the Greghall empire with the Decius kingdom to the south. These friends are about to find out just how large the world outside of the one they know is. Anciet forces are begining to amass and generations of hatred may have to be put aside for the surviaval of all. The truth of blood being thicker than water maybe on of the hardest lessons that these young heros will learn.


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